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Corporate Profile

Company Name

AMIC5T New York, Inc.


Oct, 2012


Takayuki Aoki



Naoki Toda (EVP)

Mika Takagi (SVP)

Capital Stock





204 (Group Total)

Head Office


501 5th Avenue #1801

New York, NY 10017



New York, Hawaii, Tokyo

Site Title


Price of Products


shown each products.

Return & Exchange


The cell phone will be exchanged within 14 days since the purchase. You can’t exchange it again.

*We can’t accept exchanges depending on the product condition.

*We can accept to exchange defective products if we have them in stock.

*If a product is defective or different, we will exchange them. You will be responsible for delivery fees if you have a condition different from above.

Another Fee You Need


Shipping fee if its nessesary

Method of Payments


Credit card (AMEX, VISA, MASTER, JCB)

Due Date


You should conform credit company about payment due date.


Incipient Failure


You can return devices or we will exchange them if you have conditions below.


The device won’t turn on.

There are damages or scratches.

*Please inform us within 14 days of your purchase.

Customer personal preference


You can return your device within 14 days of your purchase, and if your device is unopened.

Return Delivery Fees


Unless you’re returning the device for incipient failures, delivery fees that result from returns will be your responsibility.

Address to Return

Please bring it to the store or ship it to us.

Address :

501 5th Avenue #1801

New York, NY 10017

TEL:(347) 609-0077

We can’t accept returns if you have conditions below.

More than 15 days have passed since your purchase.

The device was damaged upon your responsibility.

The device is returned with pieces and/or accessories missing.

Other Precautions

We won’t be able refund activation and delivery fees.

Please return your device within 3 days after notifying us of the return.

We will only make a refund to the credit card that was used upon purchase.

If you are returning the device because of your preference, we will charge 15% of device’s price as service fees.

We will make the refund within 6 weeks after the device is returned.


Our company follows strict policies pertaining to the handling of private information in order to protect our customers information.

Collecting Customer information


We will need to acquire customer’s information when:

He or she calls us about our service

The customer applies for our service

The usage of customers’ information


We will need updated information pertaining to a customer in order to:

Get in contact when we have promotions

Answer a customer’s question

Give our customer the best and fastest service and support

The protection of a customer’s information from a third party


We do not provide any customers’ information to a third party unless :

You Have given us your consent

When the police, government or public agency demands us to open customer information.

When laws apply.

About Opening and Rectifying Customer Information


If a customer demands to open, rectify or delete their information, we will fully accept that request

Contact us

             (347) 609-0077



                501 5th Avenue #1801 New York, NY 10017

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